Chris Miller knows Madison County and is uniquely qualified to be your next County Treasurer.  Born and raised in Roxana, Chris is the proud product of two public school teachers who taught him the value of service and the important role good government plays in the lives of middle-class families in every corner of this great county.

Chris Miller knows business.

A successful small-business owner, the veteran finance and accounting executive is uniquely qualified.  As an entrepreneur, he knows how to create change while balancing the burden of taxes with the necessity of providing basic public services like roads, police, fire protection, and schools.

Chris Miller knows public service.

Following in his parents’ footsteps, he now teaches the next generation of job creators as a professor of entrepreneurship and lends his expertise to the community with free small-business trainings as part of his Madison County RISING Initiative.

Chris Miller knows integrity.

When he learned that the current political appointee and career politician occupying the Treasurer’s Office was running unopposed, he mounted a write-in campaign to earn his place on the ballot and provide the voters of Madison County with a qualified candidate.


Chris’ Vision

Madison County deserves more from its Treasurer.  With your support, Democrat Chris Miller will:

Chris Miller will minimize the burden on taxpayers with initiatives like the Madison County Regional Investment in Startups and Innovation for New Growth.

Chris Miller will fight to relieve middle-class families of excessive taxation while ensuring that public services are adequately funded.

Chris Miller will help working-class family’s incomes go further by partnering with nonprofits to help residents improve their credit.

If you want change and a county government that works for you, vote for Chris Miller for County Treasurer.